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Last weeks update..

This week we were starting up from the holidays again, which means that normal schedules resumed as normal.

The week hitted of with a surflesson for Kadek Prema, who is still developping his skills. While he starts to understand the basics more and better, he is also more able to teach and help the other kids! We are very happy to see that!

Unfortunatly the pool is Bali Kids is still broken, but we have good hopes to hot that pool again next week. Besides Pika also Dana will join the lessons. Dana has only one leg and arm as a birthdefect. For sure swimming will be something he will be looking forward to every week!
The talents hit off on Thursday as usual. Great to see their talent getting better and better!

Saturday and Sunday group 3 and 4 of Widhya Asih orphanage joined the lessons again! A fun week!

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