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Jonny Bobgan: From Injury to Barefooted Bedrock Bliss


After Jonny Bobgan left the Marines the VA hospital recommended he try minimalist footwear to help strengthen from injuries. Below is Jonny’s account of his first running experience in Bedrock Sandals.

“After a couple weeks of adjusting to my Bedrock Sandals by wearing them around the house and to work every other day, I went for my first run. It took a half-mile of pavement to get to the trail, of which I walked half because it felt harsh and unfamiliar. Upon entering the forest, it was love at first step. I could feel the earth beneath my feet in a brand new way; a more primal way, feeling every curve and slope of dirt, and every rock beneath my feet. It felt like my feet were hitting the dirt as they were intended to, not as I had learned to over the years.”

Read the rest of Jonny’s inspiring story on his blog.

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