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Hurry up winter

Hurry up winter
Well today it really at last feels like summer is slipping away from us. Cold, wet and windy. This usually means some surf arriving…but alas not yet. There are so many cool things to look forward to in the months to come. Crisp mornings with frost on windows, autumn leaves, conkers, roast dinners, soups and breathing in cool air that chills your lungs and opens up your every sense.
We’ll be holding onto my shorts and flip flops for a little longer, but this year is the first year we have been looking forward to putting a few layers on again. We got some Finisterre stock in winter last year and have barely had a chance to wear any of it. From Bowmont woollen socks to gorgeously designed cotton shirts and merino wool base layers. It will definitely be our winter uniform from now on. It isn’t budget end clothing, but the quality, ethos and thought put into it’s design and manufacture are unparalleled.
When the deeper winter hits, the serious insulation kit will come out and we know we will be toasty.

Bring it on winter, we are equipped and ready for you.

Thanks Finisterre for taking the time to look after Cold Water Surfers. Your loyalty to our needs will be repaid for years to come!


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