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Hey Europe, here comes Healthy Seas!

On 4 and 5 October Healthy Seas officially started with the international Healthy Seas Kick-off event in Slovenia, shortly after the successful completion of the pilot in the North Sea region.

On the first day all participants gathered at the Marine Biology Observatory in Portorož. There, a key-note speech was given by Dr. Heather Koldeway from ZSL- Zoological Society of London about the problem of marine debris. In addition Mike Mannaart gave a speech on how Healthy Seas is bringing a solution to part of this problem.
After the official opening everybody present paid a visit to Fonda Fish Farms, a Slovenian eco-friendly fish farm located in Piran Bay. In addition to a tour given by Mrs. Fonda,
the public saw a demonstration of divers salvaging a fishing net from the sea. Afterwards a dinner was held to celebrate the positive ending to the HSKE’s first day.

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At the start of the second day participants left in groups to visit the Ajdovščina waste center where fishing nets and other waste are stored and prepared for the ECONYL® Regeneration System.
Next on the agenda was a visit to the ECONYL® plant in Ljubljana where the treated waste is depolymerized and transformed into regenerated nylon for new textile products
such as swimwear, socks and carpets.

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Overall, the event was successful since people were very supportive and engaged. Therefore we’d like to thank all the participants for joining us in Slovenia. Many journalists and bloggers from all over Europe attended our kick-off event and were thrilled to know more about the regeneration of fishing nets in order to share their experience with their readers. A way to update the public is by using the official hashtag #HSKE. In case you want to have a peek at all that is tweeted so far have a look here.

We are certain that Healthy Seas will be a Europe-wide success!

If you want to see what you can do to help, please have a look at the how to become a partner page. If you are an individual willing to help, please check ‘What can I do?’ on the FAQ page.

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