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Gold Medal Mama

Emily (center) rocks her win and her Horny Toad Chaka Skirt.

Professional kayaker, humanitarian and Horny Toad ambassador Emily Jackson is such a badass.  At 19 she donated her World Freestyle Championship winnings to a non-profit in Uganda, a country where she continues to contribute her time, efforts and money. Now, at 23, she continues to tear up the freestyle circuit… even while eight months pregnant.

“Kayaking while pregnant gave me such a break from walking around being hot, sweaty and sore on my feet,” Jackson says in this interview. “It’s fun, it’s active and it’s addicting. It was my break during the day that I looked forward to.”  Emily says paddling through pregnancy kept her fit and feeling amazing.  The proof is in this video, where she wins the women’s finals at the Payette River Games in Cascade, Idaho just weeks before giving birth:

“I was told by several doctors that as long as I was doing what my body was accustomed to that it would be safe for me and my baby,” she says in another interview. “With certain instructions such as avoiding impact, I knew what my limitations were and how to paddle within the limits. I also made sure to paddle almost every single day to maintain my physical state to ensure I wasn’t stopping and starting up again which was the doctor’s biggest concern.”

Emily and her husband welcomed their son Tucker into the world a few weeks ago.  She says the only thing that fit her right up to the end of her pregnancy was her Horny Toad Chaka Skirt.

Future paddling superstar, Tucker.

Congrats, Emily!  We can’t wait to meet your little future superstar paddler.

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