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Giving Back Through Music


This November, R&D Events is looking back on a year of giving back to the community through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events. We asked each of our team members about their favorite CSR events and also to tell a little bit about their favorite moments during a CSR event. Because giving back through team building is pretty much one of the coolest things that we do at R&D Events.

Donald, which CSR event is your favorite and why?

Definitely Jam Session. Having grown up in a house where music was always being played, taught and learned, the finale of this event really strikes a chord with me (no pun intended).  To be given the gift of a musical instrument that you love to play, learn and grow with has the capacity to positively change a person for the rest of their lifetime.  The resonating impact of a musical gift, for me, can be compared to none other.  When you see the children’s eyes light up; when their posture changes; when they burst into tears or overjoyed laughter and hug the arms of their classmates, there is simply no one in the audience that isn’t strongly moved when witnessing that level of pure and raw emotion.  Even as I write this my eyes well up with happy tears thinking back on those amazing memories that we will always treasure from Jam Session!

Learn more about Jam Session here.

Jam Session1 Jam Session2 Jam Session3 Jam Session4

View more Jam Session photos here.

What are three words that you think define team building through CSR events?

Live to give!

What are you thankful for this Holiday season?

This Holiday Season my parents will be visiting me, here in Las Vegas, all the way from Jacksonville, Florida.  It is very hard sometimes living more than 3,000 miles away from those whom you love the most.  I have a very close relationship with my immediate family and consider every moment I am able to spend with them a precious one.  The knowledge that I will be able to spend Christmas Day in a fun and exciting city like Las Vegas with my parents, aka. “Big Don” and “Lil Susie Red” is definitely what I am most thankful for this Holiday Season!

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