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Get to Know San Diego Habitat Conservancy


The MISSION of San Diego Habitat Conservancy (SDHC) is to acquire, manage and protect land in perpetuity that supports sensitive habitats and species, and to educate and inspire people and communities as stewards and advocates of their natural environment.

San Diego Habitat Conservancy  is one of only a few non-profit habitat managers in the San Diego region working with developers, municipalities, and agencies to strike a critical balance between development and the protection of our valuable habitat. Currently, SDHC actively manages over 400 acres of open space habitat thus helping to provide a contiguous corridor of native habitats vital to supporting natural resources that are considered important to our local ecosystem and that provide vital habitat for numerous endangered, threatened, and sensitive plants and animals. These preserves provide native habitat for the federally threatened coastal California gnatcatcher, the state and federally endangered Least Bell’s vireo, the state endangered and federally threatened San Diego thorn-mint and Otay tarplant, and numerous other sensitive animal species.

SDHC also provides outreach to neighboring communities in order to instill a sense of stewardship and to educate them about the resources being protected and the role protecting such resources plays in regional conservation efforts. SDHC staff and board members are currently working hard to expand the educational program and provide our preserve sites as outdoor classrooms and to increase the number of preserves to be managed.

In the coming year, SDHC expects to begin managing a number of new preserves in addition to the 8 preserves already under management. As the workload increases and SDHC begins to create a stronger educational program, it is anticipated that SDHC will need to hire additional staff over the coming years. SDHC also looks forward to increasing paid membership for the organization and creating partnerships with other nonprofits in the San Diego community in order to expand our role in bringing awareness of the importance of native habitats to the San Diego community and coordinate our efforts to eradicate invasive species from our native habitats.

Our VISION is a healthy natural environment that engages the commitment of people and communities, creates a legacy, and improves the quality of life for ALL living things.

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