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FCRW Envisions a Clean Watershed

Founded in 1996, Friends of Cedar River Watershed (FCRW) engage local people to volunteer-based habitat restoration events, salmon recovery efforts, and education programs in order to preserve finite natural resources for future generations. “Our vision is a healthy Cedar River/Lake Washington/Lake Sammamish Watershed through personal and community engagement. By including an educational component in every restoration event, we’re creating a community of watershed stewards with a strong connection to our watershed home,” reports Kim Bevier, Outreach Manager for The Friends.

Photo Courtesy of FCRW

The Cedar River Watershed is home to 22% of Washington State’s human population, plus more than 83 species of fish and wildlife, including 14 species of concern, such as sockeye salmon and the endangered Chinook salmon. One of the major concerns to the watershed’s health is the rapid spread of knotweed among the streams and rivers. For one project designed to combat this—called Stewardship In Action—FCRW has partnered with King County Noxious Weeds, Seattle Public Utilities, and another 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner, Forterra, to help landowners along the river remove this invasive plant on their properties. If you live along the Cedar River you may qualify for free assistance in removing knotweed and replanting with native trees and shrubs. Contact Kim for details.

Photo Courtesy of FCRW

FCRW’s Volunteer Habitat Restoration program has shown tremendous growth over the past five years, with a successful balance between volunteer hours and high-quality educational events. “Between 2009-2013, we grew from 31 events to over 60, engaging nearly 2,000 volunteers, planting tens of thousands of native plants and providing more than 30,000 volunteer hours,” says Bevier. “We measure our success not only in the amount of land we restore, but the people we reach and the knowledge they carry with them.”
Live in the Cedar River Watershed and want to get involved? Check out upcoming one-day volunteer events. Are you a member that can’t make it to volunteer? Make a donation to help get work done; from $15 to plant 3 trees, to $1500 to sponsor a restoration event all levels of support are welcome!

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