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CSR Qatar 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility in the GCC is evolving to meet the requirements of its changing socio-economic landscape.

Qatar plays a leading role in promoting social responsibility and has taken the lead in many areas of relevance. Qatar has shown growing interest on a global scale. Qatari companies have long understood their responsibilities to the local community and have consistently shown their support for activities that improve the lives and environment of the people of Qatar. Qatar’s approach to sustainability is linked to the four pillars that underpin the Qatar National Vision 2030 and it is important to create a platform where more businesses can understand the benefits of CSR and foster partnerships with each other to drive results.

Although CSR is advanced in a few organisations, in many it’s function, role and application isn’t well understood.

The Summit will be a part of a series of CSR conferences run by IIR Middle East, with Summit’s also held in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. The event presents a timely and practical agenda, driven by experienced experts who will share a ‘no-frills’ insight into the challenges encountered and success stories implemented.

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