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Craftsmanship and Fair Trade Jewelry

Jewelry making is a laborious process that requires unusual, specialized skills.  The beauty and desirability of the product reflect the dedication and creativity of the artisans who devote their lives to their art.  Compassionate Essentials wants visitors to our web site to know more about the people behind the products.

Danai, Thailand

After an education in engineering in the United Kingdom, Danai Leosawathiphong moved back to his native Thailand and began experimenting with electro-plating natural exotic flowers and plants with gold and copper.  He and his partner’s first efforts ended up with bare wires and a metal-coated flower that resembled a shrimp.

Danai     Twilight Earrings      Contempo Ring

Danai                                         Twilight Earrings                                              Contempo Ring

Today they produce exquisite jewelry of high quality through a process they call electro-forming.  The blue “twilight earrings” above, for example, are designed from natural Dendrobium orchid hybrid petals in resin to preserve their natural beauty. Their fair trade business employs women from the local community where there are few opportunities for women to find jobs.  They maintain environmental responsibility by reprocessing all chemicals used and not throwing anything away.  All boxes are made out of recycled paper.

Komang, Bali, Indonesia

Komang Agus Saputra’s home region in Bali is renowned for jewelry crafted with bone, horn, wood, and beads.  Growing up in this environment stimulated his creativity and spurred his imagination.  Unable to afford a college or university education, he worked in an accessories workshop, and became a part-time crafts teacher at private school.  He thinks of this period of his life as bringing color to his life and making it more meaningful.  He believes in hard work and prayer, as well as always seeing everything in a positive way.

Fair Trade Jewelry

Komang                      Java Bouquet Necklace                 Madakaripura Delight Earrings

His father, an accomplished wood carver and patient craftsman, taught him how to carve and how to choose the right materials.  Now Komang uses those techniques to work with different materials other than wood, such as bone and horn.  He considers his work to be alternative jewelry that is unique and especially beautiful.

Kaylyani, India

Born in Bhagalpur, Bihar, but educated in Kolkata and Delhi, Kaylyani Gupta was fascinated by the beautiful jewelry and colorful saris worn by Indian women, and fantasized about designing jewels.  She didn’t come from a jewelry/crafts designing family, but is completely self-taught through inspiration from different cultures and traditions.

For Kaylyani, designing is an art, which cannot be taught, but comes from within.  She works with a team of talented artisans to create exclusive pieces for discerning customers.  Her inspiration arises from traditional Indian jewelry, fused with a modern touch.

Her family has always been involved in social activities such as environmentally friendly programs, and charity work for the aged and underprivileged.  Part of the money she makes goes to medical institutions for the poor and also to temples and religious projects.  Being able to help others gives her comfort and a sense of satisfaction.

Fair Trade Jewelry

Kaylyani                                    Ginger Arrows Bracelet

Compassionate Essentials’ fair trade jewelry

In addition to providing a fair wage insuring nutrition, health, education, and homes to artisans and their families around the world, fair trade jewelry instills a sense of pride and accomplishment in the artisans, enriching the lives of all those involved.  As a result of this care for their craft, our artisans create authentic, handmade items with an original look, feel, and design that cannot be found in mainstream retail stores.

You can purchase all of the items pictured above and help our artisans make a livable wage by visiting our web site.   If you act now, you’ll get 10% off by signing up for our newsletter and 50% off on selected jewelry items.

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