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Colorado Flood Relief

photo: Toni Momberger

As you probably know by now, Colorado’s Front Range just walloped by an enormous flood. Many of the devastated and destroyed homes weren’t located on a flood plain, which means many affected people have no flood insurance.  Even those who do have insurance are looking at months and months of displacement.  The town of Lyons is all but annihilated. Sections of mountain highways are simply gone. Mud slides mar the beautiful foothills and have swallowed houses whole. Water supplies have been compromised.

The internet is full of photos telling the story, but this one, tweeted by journalist Toni Momberger, is what we choose to share with you.  The Front Range will never be the same, but we know how resilient and strong Coloradans are. We’re sending you our love, Colorado.

We’re also sending a big shipment of clothing to Old Town Outfitters in Longmont, who will make sure it gets to people who need it most.  Right now there’s so much upheaval, it’s a challenge to determine where the best channels of distribution are, but Old Town Outfitters is working hard to get it into the community as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We’ll update this post when we have more information.

If you’d like to help with flood relief too, here are a few great places to start:

Update 10/2 via Blake Hendricks at Old Town Outfitters:
“The Flanneries got here today.  Looks like Freeport stuff will get here Monday, 10/7.  Will keep you posted as this comes together.  Here are two of the projects this will go toward:
1) Central Elementary Families:  Central Elementary School is in Old Town Longmont and only three blocks from the shop.  Ten families at the school lost EVERYTHING.  These are the folks we see every day at the café, super-market, soccer games, farmer’s market, on the trail, at OTO, and of course, at school pick-ups and drop-offs.  Central Elementary is special in that there isn’t a long line of cars for pick-up/drop-offs.  Most parents walk or bike to school and wait in a large, tree lined courtyard to pick up the kids.  Lots of good community ties and time here.  We’re pulling together special outfits for every member of each of the 10 families.

2) The People of Lyons:  Folks from Lyons still can’t go home.  Many of us are housing them in our homes. We see the kids and parents wearing the same clothes every day.  We’re working with some of the commuity to do a donation/fitting at one of their weekly town meetings here in Longmont.”

Thanks Old Town Outfitters for all your help getting the clothes out there. We know that there are many people who are still dealing with a lot of displacement and difficulty. Our thoughts are with you. Stay strong, Colorado.

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