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Brewers Show Love for Water

Forty years ago the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) was founded to work with industries, nonprofit organizations, and government to protect our natural environment.  As part of this work they were pivotal in creating the Clean Water Act, ensuring that our country’s waters were safe for drinking and recreation.  In the spring of 2013 the NRDC created the Brewers for Clean Water Pledge.  This initiative called on craft brewers around the country to sign a conservation pledge and join together in developing ways to protect water and the damaged Clean Water Act.  The initiative was created after Jenn Vervier, Sustainability Director at 1% for the Planet member business New Belgium Brewing, wrote an article in the Huffington Post about the necessity of clean water for all people—but especially brewers.

Image courtesy of NRDC

By June, 2013, 23 brewers—including 1% for the Planet’s own New Belgium Brewing and Maine Beer Co—had signed the pledge and 20 of them added their names to an open letter to President Barack Obama, challenging him to protect the Clean Water Act, which has suffered as a consequence of Supreme Court Rulings in 2001­­­­ and 2006.

The NRDC is now calling on brewers to reach out to their state Senators and Representatives in hopes of drawing congressional attention to the issue that affects both the craft beer industry and the public in general.  There are nearly 2,500 craft breweries in the United States and each and every one of them depends on clean water.   

Most beers are comprised of 90% water, making clean water one of the most essential ingredients in a quality beverage.  “By protecting our nation’s waterways, we are protecting our beer…America’s waterways are critical to our environment, our economy, and our health. Not only does the great-tasting beer we brew depend on it, but so do the communities in which we operate,” says Vervier.

Are you a brewer that wants to help preserve the most important ingredient in your recipe? If so, head over to the NRDC’s Brewers For Clean Water page and sign the pledge!  

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