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A holy week!

Due the holidays on Bali (Galungan and Kuningan) many kidsfrom the orphanages are visiting relatives and schools are closed. The kids that don’t have relatives are staying in the orphanage and are usually bored by not having any activities. Therefor soul surf project Bali tried to organize activities for those kids.

On Wednesday our weekly swimmingclass went on, but also kids that are good swimmers were able to join! We had a fun day in the swimmingpool and everbody enjoyed!
On Thursday all the kids had the chance to show off their talent in our talentclass. The kids simply didn’t wanted stop! They enjoyed the surf so much! They were filmed by Sean Gilhooley!

Saturday we didn’t have class, as it was the real holy day of Kuningan, but on Sunday we had a surfclinic for all kids that could join.

Prema showed off his talent again during the week! He is getting better and better! So enjoyable to see that!

Next week our schedules are back to normal again!

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