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This week has been full of surfing (this is a very good thing!)

Some new volunteers started on Tuesday, who’ve happily got stuck in to every aspect of the foundation! We had a schedule meeting in the morning, which was followed by their first task; to take Prema surfing! We then went for a tour of IKBA Orphanage to introduce them to the kids we work with.

After a couple of weeks of disruptions, we finally had swimming lessons once again on Wednesday!  8 kids from Widhya Asih Orphanage joined us to a different pool where we focused on combining all actions of swimming together, in order to build the kinesthesis of ‘swimming’. Their progress is outstanding, we are so proud. Prema surfed in the afternoon at Tugu Beach in Canggu, which was a new experience for him. He has a new confidence which is really driving his surfing.

Thursday is always a busy day at sspB! In the morning we had both English and Talent class! We were missing the street kids in the English lesson but were instead joined by 5 kids from IKBA orphanage…one of them being Pika! She acted as a brilliant translator and it turned out to be one of the best English classes we’ve ever done. Because so many of the kids from our old group want to continue surfing, we’ve created a second talent class which runs in the afternoon. This meant that two more kids had a surf session in the afternoon.

We also didn’t have any street kids on Friday, so we focused on developing our sewing initiative. Fingers crossed the machine will cooperate!

Saturday was busy… We had surf lesson in the morning with group 4. It was their first time surfing so quite an experience! But worthwhile, they had a good time. After a speedy lunch, Prema got to surf Tugu Beach for the second time. He says it’s his new favorite place to surf. Lots of photos from Saturday!

Today we had surf class in the morning with Group 3. The waves (and water) were clean with lots of green waves to go around. It was a really good lesson.

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