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The Next Great Photo Challenge Contest


Challenge Examples2

R&D Events needs NEW photo challenges to include in our Mission: Scavenger Hunt events! Take a few minutes out of your day to get creative and ENTER!

What is a photo challenge? During our famous Mission: Scavenger Hunt events, with digital cameras in-hand, teams are asked to complete multiple challenges to earn points towards their final score. Examples include:

  • “Gotta Go” – Have your entire team photographed in front of a restroom looking like they are in dire need of a bathroom.
  • “Forcefield” – Create an illusion that one of your team members has been lifted in the air!
  • “Getting Impatient” – Find a pay phone and have one team member on the phone with the rest in a line behind them acting very impatient for the phone.

It’s time for some NEW challenges. Do you have a great idea for a photo challenge? Something that would be completely hilarious or unique for groups of 5 – 10 to pose as? We want your best and most creative ideas for group photo challenges!

Prize Amounts

How to Enter:

1) Email with your best idea by August 6, 2013

2) Use subject line: The Next Great Photo Challenge

3) Provide a title and brief description of your photo challenge idea, and if you have an example photo, great! Attach it to the email. (You don’t have to have a photo to enter. Just an idea)

4) Provide your name, email, and phone number

Winners will be notified August 9, 2013*




*All ideas and photos will be property of R&D Events. Royalties or further compensation will not be given to winning ideas. Prizes will be given in the form of a Visa gift card. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winners will be notified by R&D Events staff on August 9, 2013.

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