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Prema surfed twice this week! On Tuesday he practiced his turning, a big swell was just coming in so he caught some strong waves. His confidence has grown so much after coming second in last week’s contest and you can see that he’s still on a high!

The swimming pool was still broken on Wednesday meaning that swimming lessons were cancelled again. Really sad! However, this weekend groups three and four each got to try out surfing for the very first time! Group three had their first lesson on Saturday morning, when they learnt the basics about the water, the surfboards and popping-up. There were so many smiles which was so good to see! Prema had his second surf of the week on Saturday afternoon, but again there was the issue of ‘brown water’…a real smelly mess which is not very nice!

Today’s surf class with group four was another success; they all seemed to enjoy it! One or two had the unfortunate experience of getting a board in the face…ouch, but they still continued smiling. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

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