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Just to be clear, R&D Events is OPEN for business this summer. But that doesn’t mean we will be sitting at our desks, listening to the buzz of the office air conditioner. We are quite the active group here and we will be taking full advantage of the bounty of summer fun found throughout this country and even internationally. When not running one of our world-class team building events, this is where you’ll find us:


JP Barefoot.Jump

Co-Founder and Director of Fun, JP Delay, barefoot jumping.

Pretty much all of our Directors of Fun are expert water-skiers. They’re even crazy enough to do it barefoot. Find them this summer ski-boating, wake-boarding, and bare-footing throughout Lake Mead.

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

Director of Fun, Donald Spalding will spend time in Maggie Valley, NC.

Speaking of water sports, Director of Fun, Donald Spalding will be whitewater rafting down the Nantahala River in Western North Carolina. His family vacations every year to Maggie Valley, NC exploring the Appalachian Trail, riding the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, and visiting the Biltmore Estate. Hhhmm…we are inspired…Mission: North Carolina anyone?




Spalding isn’t the only one getting out and about this summer. Co-Founder and Director of Fun, Geoff Rhodes will be hiking, fly-fishing, floating the river all day, and drinking

Co-Founder, Geoff Rhodes, atop one of the dozens of peaks scaled during is mountain climbing career.

Co-Founder, Geoff Rhodes, atop one of the dozens of peaks scaled during his mountain climbing career.

beers on the back porch in Bend, OR. His family goes every year and it is always a welcome respite from the scorching Vegas heat. He’s also taking his wife, Spring, to the New England area – possibly Maine or Cape Cod. Do you see a trend? Our Vegas office is hot. We enjoy cooler climates whenever possible!

Director of Sales, Cari Compton, calls this the “Summer of Love” as she is attending THREE weddings this summer in Lake Tahoe, Chicago, and Tucson. She is looking forward to seeing a game at Wrigley Field (though, do not be mistaken, her love for the Atlanta Braves lives on) and a little spa time at the Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain in Tucson.


jenny and sassi

Director of Marketing, Jenny Wagner, will marry Anthony on June 15th in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

It truly is the summer of love for TWO of R&D Events team members this year!

Director of Marketing, Jenny Wagner will be getting married on June 15th in South Lake Tahoe to Anthony Sassi. Yes, that’s right. Her last name will be Sassi. It’s not just an attitude, it’s a lifestyle.

Scott and Tiphanie

Florida Director of Operations, Scott Duncan, will marry Tiphanie in the South of France this August!

Florida Director of Operations, Scott Duncan will marry his French bride, Tiphanie, in the South of France in August. Co-Founder, JP Delay will be joining in on the European festivities as well as explore the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Italy!



You know we are going to be out playing volleyball on the beaches of South Florida or San Diego. Scott Duncan will also be sharpening up his tennis and golf swings before the summer is over. In fact, recently Scott was on a Club Med course with fellow Director of Fun, Brian Tranbarger, and friend Vlad when they all hit from the tee box and landed in the exact same spot only about 12ft from each other. Check out the picture below.


Scott and Brian golf with a friend landing almost the exact same shot from the tee box.

JK catching

Director of Fun, Josh Krier is also a trapeze artist!

And for a little more of an adventurous take on sports, our Director of Fun, Josh Krier will be flying through the summer air with the greatest of ease on a trapeze! That’s right, step up folks, we have a bona-fide trapeze artist on our team. Now that’s what we call diversity.



And when we aren’t flying in the air, gliding over water, or traveling through foreign lands, rest assured the R&D Events team in both the Las Vegas and Florida offices will be exploring what our own cities have to offer this summer. Whether it be soaking in the sun with a cocktail in hand at one of our world-class hotel resort pools or staying in-doors for a summer blockbuster movie, we plan to take advantage of the long days and summer nights.


JP is a championship poker player and may play in the World Series of Poker this summer.

Oh – and if you see this guy playing at the final table of the World Series of Poker, you know we at R&D Events are pretty much going crazy for our Co-Founder, JP. He hopes to play in this year’s tournament.

This sounds like one lucky summer to us!









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