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soul surf project Bali’s last week!


On Tuesday Prema had a good experience of surfing around rips and currents. As a surfer you have to get used to paddling back into the line-up, which Prema us getting some more practice of. We filled the rest of Tuesday with preparations for our Cup for the Environment!

Unfortunately the swimming pool was shut on Wednesday because of a water leak, so swimming lessons sadly had to be cancelled. However, Prema got another opportunity to surf and practice for the contest.

On Thursday morning, our Talent Class had a surfing lesson. They too were entered into the Grom’s category in the contest so it was a chance for them to practice before taking part. In the English lesson we studied ways to describe Animals and played some physical games to help the kids remember the words. We’re always surprised by how much the kids already know and how quickly they pick the new things up.

We had an early start Friday morning in order to prepare for the first heats of the surf contest. Unfortunately a transport issue meant that the kids were not able to come, so our Talent class had another practice surf instead.

The full contest was held on Saturday, when 20 kids from Canguu Community School and visiting from Lombok, came to Double Six beach and surfed as part of our Cup for environment. Prema ended up coming second overall in the Groms category on his 1% board which he was so happy about! Well done Prema! The Pro’s surfed next, with a boy called Jakub winning. Thank you to Skull Candy, Macbeth and especially Rip Curl for your contributions to the prizes!

On Sunday, groups three and four of our current environmental program took part in a turtle release down at Serangan! Nine baby turtles were released so good luck to the little fellows! During the morning, the foundation was also taking part in a passion fair down at Canggu Community School as part of the GIN Conference. We sold some wax, Bamboo straws and wax combs to some really inquisitive kids. You can tell that they’re going to make a positive environmental difference one day!  The foundation also had a stall at a fair at Little Tree in the evening, new stockists of our Eco products.  A very busy week, but full of positive things for both the Foundation and the kids.

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