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Sign up! Garlic Festival Volunteering

Garlic Market

Come and share just 3.5hrs of your time with us.

Join our wonderful staff and other volunteers as a meaningful part of celebration of local food, our agricultural community, the joy of festivals, and of course our wonderful garlic!

The Sharing Farm’s Garlic Festival is the largest Garlic Festival in Metro Vancouver. The festival is a fundraiser for The Sharing Farm and proceeds from the day allow us to continue to grow food for families in need and maintain all of our other vital programs.

The festival is held in Terra Nova Rural Park, Richmond, BC.
August 25th from 10am-3pm

There are two volunteer shifts, from 9:00am to 12:30pm or 12:15pm to 3:45pm.

Volunteers are involved in aspects of the festival including kids’ activities, greeters, food services, exhibitor support, musician support…..

To get an idea of what the festival is like, take a look at some pictures from last year: 2012 Garlic Festival Pictures

Or check out the great things in store for this year: 5th Annual Garlic Festival

Please, fill in the form below with your availability and interest. We are looking forward to meeting you soon or seeing you again!

  • Mobile number preferred
    We would greatly appreciate volunteers arriving 10min prior to your chosen shift so you can be checked in and ready to help. You are welcome to sign up for the whole festival day if you’d like. :)
    Volunteer training is mandatory as we’d like you to have a fun and rewarding volunteer experience. You will receive an orientation to The Sharing Farm and to our fun and dynamic festival.

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