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Recent Grant Successes!

The JHWF recently received good news on the outcomes of several spring grant applications to support two of our core program areas: Nature Mapping Jackson Hole and Wildlife Friendly Fencing.The JHWF recently received good news on the outcomes of several spring grant applications to support two of our core program areas.

The Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition awarded Nature Mapping Jackson Hole with funding which will be dedicated to strengthening our network of citizen scientists. Nature Mapping Jackson Hole is a volunteer-supported project that documents wildlife distributions throughout Teton County. The data collected by volunteers will help with planning and conservation efforts now and into the future, so having a highly-skilled corps of wildlife observers is essential to the long-term success and sustainability of the program. For more information, visit

Our Wildlife Friendly Fencing project also experienced an exciting round of successes! The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole generously funded this project through the Competitive Grants Program, as well as the Youth Philanthropy Program, which gives students from local high schools the opportunity to award grants to projects submitted by local non-profits. The JHWF works in partnership with other land management agencies and organizations, including the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Grand Teton National Park, and the National Parks Conservation Association, as well as private landowners, to identify fences that negatively impact the movement and safety of many species of wildlife. Our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers then spend Saturdays in the summer and fall tackling problem fences. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that the only constraint to completing fence modification projects is a lack of funds to purchase supplies – we have the manpower and expertise! The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole grants will help fund fencing materials such as smooth wire, top rails, fence staples, and T-post clips to help overcome this hurdle, and help us to continue reducing the risk of wildlife entanglement in fences throughout the valley.

The JHWF was also successful in receiving a grant from the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y)’s Partner Grants program for fence modification supplies. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a priority area for Y2Y. By helping wildlife travel safely through the southern part of the GYE, the JHWF’s efforts actually have positive outcomes for wildlife throughout the region – not just locally! To learn more about Y2Y and their vision, visit

The support provided by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative is invaluable in helping us to continue our seventeen-year legacy of making fencing friendly for wildlife – and will keep our volunteers busy for a few more Saturdays! Upcoming fence pulls are August 3 and August 17. Stay tuned for other upcoming volunteer days joining our email list by emailing your contact information to . You can also follow us on Facebook:

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