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Paapedi Youth Bike Journey – A few days left!

ECO-V has launched a campaign to raise funds for the Paapedi bike Journey with Sri Lankan youth. The campaign closes 11th March – but please don’t let that delay you. Donate here today.

25 youth : 10 days : 25 bikes : 234 kilometres.  Watch video here.

testPaapedi will be similar to the successful Kelani River Journey in 2011, but on bikes. It aims to train the youth as leaders capable of running their own environmental projects, raise national awareness about climate change, and to support a culture of bike riding in Sri Lanka. Starting 13th March, it is being led by Kanchana Weerakoon and ECO-V.

Please contribute early, and share this link to our campaign with your networks, friends and colleagues. Your support will encourage others to join in too.

25 young Sri Lankans – men and women, Sinhalese and Tamil – will embark on a life-changing trip as they ride from the ancient capital of Anuradhapura to Colombo through national parks, and rural and urban communities.

After initial training, the youth will educate the public about climate change through interactive street theatre and formal presentations. They will do water and air quality testing, and each day experience organic, wholesome and sustainable living. They will visit organic farms and community based organizations, and hear talks from local government leaders and monks.

The Journey will culminate in a ‘critical mass’ bike ride into the capital of Colombo, joining thousands of Sri Lankan cycling enthusiasts in an Earth Hour demonstration to promote bike riding as a sustainable means of transportation.

These experiences will equip the 25 youth to initiate their own environmental projects in their own communities after the bicycle journey. The group will be inspired and empowered to become the next generation of Green Leaders in Sri Lanka, creating a legacy of positive change.

This Journey is happening because JCJ is partnering with Eco Friendly Volunteers (ECO-V), a homegrown environmental NGO in Sri Lanka.


More about the Journey

Through an innovative training program and field trips along the Journey, the youth will learn about climate change, environmental degradation, water quality, biodiversity and organic farming, as well as how to live sustainable, eco-harmonious lifestyles.

A focus will be Sri Lanka’s wetlands and the threats to its intricate rainwater catchment system that for generations supplied farmers with water to sustain Sri Lankans and over 300 varieties of indigenous rice. It is a system now under threat from agrichemical pollution, unsustainable use, modern mismanagement, invasive species and climate change.
All their activities mean they really will be up at 6am and active till 10pm. There will be many fun activities, while each will spend considerable time reflecting on the trip through writing, drawing, poetry and presenting what they have learnt to the whole group.


How your donation will make a difference
Your donation will directly contribute to making the bike ride happen. JCJ funds go directly to support the participating youth. Our target is $11,000.

If we raise more funds, then that will help support the youth for the two years that ECO-V wants to give support. We would love to raise $15,000. This will help to support new projects initiated by the youth from both the 2011 and 2013 Journeys.

If our target of $11,000 is not reached, ECO-V may have to cut back on the numbers of youth who are participating or on the range of activities. We are working actively to ensure that this does not happen.

Please contact if you have any queries regarding the gifts or the campaign.

Project Budget

JCJ is helping to fund just part of the Journey. We are seeking to raise funds to pay for 50% of selected costs (excluding administration and staff costs). The items we are funding, and our 50% of the cost, are shown below. ECO-V is confident of raising the remaining funds largely from its supporters in Sri Lanka (as happened on the first Journey).


$1,679 Bicycles


$1,325 Helmets, lights, bags, tools, water bottles

  $317 Posters, stickers & flyers – 80,000 to distribute to local communities

$1,423 Clothing for all participants – t-shirts with Paapedi logo, pants, sneakers

$3,561 Food and accommodation

$2,515 Transport of youth to and from bike ride & support vehicle

$653 Scientific studies – water quality testing materials, bird & ecology books

$11,473 Total






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