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My name is Komang!

My name is Komang Wiguna Yasa, but everyone calls me Wiguna. My family lives in Tabanan but I have lived in Orphanage 1 Widhya Asih since June 2013. I was born on the 5th August 1998 so am 15 years old and I love playing badminton and football, but I also like to draw. I came to the orphanage because my parents’ incomes couldn’t pay for me to go to school. My father is a barber and my mother works in a beauty salon, but they can only afford the basic, daily needs of the family. I’m really happy to be living in the orphanage! I have some great friends and I have the opportunity to reach my dream of becoming a chef on a cruise ship. I’m currently studying food and beverage services at vocational high school, in order to reach my dream in the future.

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