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Four Years of Mission: Scavenger Hunts


Mission: Scavenger Hunts are R&D Events’ most requested team building activity. And we can’t blame our clients – they are the most fun you will ever have during a team building event. Cash, fanny packs, digital cameras, customized mission notebooks, and an awesome city backdrop can only equal a great time.

We started in Las Vegas on the world-famous Strip. It’s our hometown and we know this crazy 4.2mile strip of land like the back of our hands. Challenges include riding mechanical bulls, betting in a casino sports book, beer tasting, taking photos with odd street performers, and finding hidden gems in our famous resorts that you probably never would have noticed!

We then took our scavenger hunts on the road. As R&D Events grew, so did our fan base across the country. Now, with an office in South Beach, FL, we offer FOUR hunts in the Sunshine State. You can also gallop through the Gaslamp District in San Diego, CA, try not to get blown over in the windy city of Chicago, IL, and see the capitol sites in our brand new Mission: Washington DC hunt.

We are the experts at scavenger hunts, period. And we are extremely proud of the past four years as we span the country, race around our favorite cities, and laugh at the amazing “Say Cheese” photo challenges that we have collected over the years by our amazing and competitive clients!

Click the photos below for Mission: Scavenger Hunt fun!





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