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Four Years of Giving Back


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events are what keep our passion going for team building. Sure, all of our events are a ton of fun, but to be able to give back to our local communities in events like the Bicycle Build-Off, Operation Impact, and Jam Session, is the ultimate experience in team building.

It’s the amazing moments that teams remember and talk about for years. Like when this little girl chose her brand-new teddy teddy bear girlbear at an Operation Teddy Bear event. When asked if this was the first bear she has ever had, she responded, “It’s the first new toy that I have ever gotten that’s all mine.” She hugged it this close for the rest of the event and never let go.

Or when deserving high-school students who thought they were competing against each other for the grand prize of one new musical instrument in our Jam Session event, find out that in fact they are all getting brand new instruments that day – and Jam Sessionare brought to tears.

And especially when kids from a local organization like After-School All-Stars, arrive to a Bicycle Build-Off event not knowing that they will be going home that day with a brand-new bike. Remember when you got your first bike as a child? Well, imagine thinking as that child, that you knew you would never get a bike of your bikesown and suddenly a brand-new one is given to you. It’s amazing and it is Corporate Social Responsibility events with R&D Events.

1% for the Planet

Giving back doesn’t end at our CSR events. In the past 4 years we think one of our most amazing accomplishments is donating $18,477 to 1% for the Planet. We are a company founded with the belief that sustainability and taking care of our earth are key principles of business.

Currently, the funds go to support the Friends of Nevada Wilderness to keep “Nevada Wild” and the Adventure Risk Challenge that connects youth to the outdoors and our environment through academics.

It’s been an amazing four years of giving. We can’t wait to see what the next four bring!

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