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Feuding Like Family


Mother’s Day is this Sunday and it got us feeling warm and fuzzy in our hearts about not only our moms, but also our crazy, dysfunctional family here at R&D Events. We put together a quick photo album for all to enjoy.

From left to right: Cari Compton, Director of Sales / Jenny Wagner, Director of Marketing / Scott Duncan, Director of Fun – Florida / Brian Tranbarger, Donald Spalding, and Josh Krier, Directors of Fun – Las Vegas / Geoff Rhodes & JP Delay, Co-Founders, R&D Events.

R&D Events Family Photo

Our coworkers and team members can be just like family – we support each other, laugh with each other, and even may fight with each other. This past week, R&D Events was sent to Phoenix, AZ where we put on one of our most popular events, The Feud. Teams were decked out in matching shirts and given classic TV family names like The Waltons, The Jeffersons, and The Cunninghams to name a few. They laughed, fought, and cheered through fun and customized questions developed by the R&D Events team specifically with the client’s “family” in mind.

Enjoy a few photos of the event below (and you can see more in our flickr photo gallery). And if you want to spend a couple hours feuding with your coworker family, contact us today!








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