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Black Rock Solar at Burning Man 2013

solar tour
BM staff crop

Black Rock Solar staff and crew hit the playa ready to rock renewables!

It’s been six years and more than 3 megawatts of solar power since Black Rock Solar got its start at Burning Man 2007, and our excitement for and commitment to renewable energy just keeps growing! What keeps that spark alive? Our annual trek to the playa to indulge in the innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, and brilliance Burning Man stimulates, of course! This year’s burn exceeded expectations (again): amazing art installations, over-the-top mutant vehicles, friendly conversations and dazzling feats of solar-powered ingenuity lighting up the Black Rock Desert nights. Burning Man, you blew us away again!

Solar art

temple blog post

The Temple of Whollyness offered Burning Man participants space to reflect upon how to become more whole with themselves and the world. Lights for the Temple of Whollyness were powered by a mobile solar array donated by Black Rock Solar and Martifer Solar.

ichthy blog post

The Ichthyosaur Puppet Project is a 50-foot long replica of an ancient marine reptile that swam the seas above the Nevada playa 225 million years ago. Black Rock Solar is proud to power the Ichthyosaur’s lights with our 2 kW mobile solar trailer.

Black Rock Solar’s Sunshine Grants help artists and organizations solarize their projects. For 2013, we were able to provide renewable power that helped the Temple of Whollyness be a shining star in the desert darkness, and a second array let the Ichthyosaur Puppet Project swim through the vast playa sea all night long.


Solar Playa International Summit and VIP Tour


The Solar VIP Tour only travels the playa in style!

that damn band

THAT Damned Band rocks Everywhere at the Black Rock Solar Happy Hour event.

Thanks to everybody who hopped aboard the gorgeous Monaco to join our Solar VIP Tour. We cruised the city and open playa visiting everything from solar-powered art, to innovative eco-camps like the Alternative Energy Zone and HeeBeeGeeBee Healers, to Snow Koan Solar’s  photovoltaic array at the CORE projects. (If you missed the Solar VIP Tour, you can take your own virtual tour at our BRS photo album Panels on the Playa.)

After the tour, we gathered back at the Everywhere Pavilion for cold cocktails and live music by BRS favorite, THAT Damned Band. We had a chance to meet some wonderful folks, learn about their projects, and talk sustainability.

Once again, Black Rock Solar made its home at the Everywhere Pavilion, a space we share with the Black Rock Arts Foundation, Burning Man Regionals Network, the Burning Man Project and Burners Without Borders. All these groups are committed to spreading Burning Man culture and values throughout the world, and we are glad to join them as we share our own mission of providing affordable solar power to schools, communities, tribes, and nonprofits.

Black Rock Solar continues to be grateful to Burning Man and its beautiful, supportive community. Let’s do it all again in 2014!

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