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Beer and Bow Ties!

New 1% for the Planet members, House Beer and Cursor & Thread are bringing fun, classiness, and passion for the environment to network!  Featuring wonderful websites and amazing new products, you’ve got to give them a look.

House Beer is an award winning startup beer company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. House Beer was started when the owners realized they didn’t relate to any beer that was out on the market and they only drank it out of habit because there was nothing else. After looking further into the beer industry they realized that the mainstream beers have ingredients in them that aren’t really good for you (filters with trace amounts of arsenic, maltodextrin instead of corn, etc.). What was sold to us as an American Lager was no longer what it claimed to be.

Today there has been a huge rise of craft beers, which have ushered in many great tasting beers, but they typically are heavier beers and come with a high price tag. All House Beer wanted was a quality beer for a reasonable price that remained drinkable. So with that idea House Beer was born!

All of House Beer’s founders grew up in Malibu and have a deep respect for not just the ocean but also the environment. Remaining environmentally conscious is in their blood and giving back felt natural. How we could give was yet to be determined. It was only after we they all talking about Yvon Chouinard’s “Let My People Go Surfing”, that they realized 1% for the Planet was a great option. There was unanimous consent that they wanted to be apart of this organization. It was a simple decision for House Beer about joining great organization that we are all proud to be apart of.

House Beer  hopes that you enjoy their beer, and more importantly they hope you have a good time doing it.


Based in Vancouver, Cursor & Thread is bringing a sense of timeless class to the 1% for the Planet network.  Cursor & Thread was unofficially started in the ancient times of 2011 by a pair of friendly Canadians who enjoyed men’s accessories, but had a hard time finding ones they loved (what else was a scientist and a philosopher to do together). Cursor & Thread currently focuses on bow ties and suspenders (leaving pants and shirts up to millions of other brands). All products are manufactured in small batches, often by hand, in Canada or USA by people you’d like. Cursor & Thread hopes you like compliments…

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