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The International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development ICENECDEV was established in 2005,with partner_badge_200x250_whiteregistration number. 43/G.37/D.14/1/VOL.9/BAPP/ in accordance of law Number.90/53 of December 1990 under article 7 relating to the formation, governing and functioning of association in Cameroon.

ICENECDEV is building a global grassroots to raise environmental awareness, promoting education and supporting community development programmes by sharing practical ways in which people are addressing environmental and human rights issues

ICENECDEV is independent of governmental and intergovernmental agencies, although it works closely with them. ICENECDEV is located in an outstanding academic and professional environment. The Centre is based along the University Street of Buea.ICENECDEV has entered into an academic and professional partnerships with organizations, companies,universities,prisons,schools and local communities in Cameroon and Diaspora.

One important way of underlining the international nature of the work of the Centre has been through the composition of its Advisory Board. The Centre is able to call on expert advisers and volunteers from around the world who between them are representative of the best academic and professional thinking on environmental conservation and of the widest practical experience in the environmental and human right issues.

The Centre is self-supporting and raises specific funds for all its research and projects activities.
Statement of purpose

The International Centre For Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV) assists governments and other relevant agencies to develop appropriate policies on environmental conservation and human right issues.

The Centre makes the results of its research and projects widely available to groups and individuals, both nationally and internationally. These include policy makers, practitioners and administrators, the media and the general public. Such dissemination will help to increase an understanding of the purpose of centre and what can be expected of it.
It carries out work on project and consultancy basis for international agencies, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Mission: Education For Sustainable Development


• To develop a body of knowledge based on international covenants and instruments, which can be used as a sound foundation for policies on environmental and human rights issues.

• To build up a resource network for the spread of best practice in environmental management worldwide to which stakeholders can turn for practical advice and effective implementation
• To carry out, organise and publish research into the purposes of environmental conservation and make this available to policy makers, practitioners, administrators, the media and the general public.
• To disseminate information about the international covenants and instruments relating to environmental conservation and human rights in a manner which is accessible to stakeholders.
• To share experience about how the international instruments relating to environmental conservation should be applied in practice.
• To undertake practical environmental projects, which take account of the cultural, social and financial realities in the countries involved, at the request of international agencies, national governments and non-governmental organisations.
• To develop and evaluate models of best practice.
• To build up a data base of good models of environment management and effective projects and making this available on a worldwide basis.
• To make use of an international network of individuals and agencies with a record of achievement in this field of work.
• To organise seminars, conferences and to publish reports which will further these activities.


 Program Focus

  • Environmental education
  • Community Library
  • Forest Conservation
  • Prison Reforms and Rehabilitation

Future Plans

  • Building a multi –purpose environmental conservation resource centre in Buea.
  • Establish vocational training center.

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