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A Husband and Wife 1% Team

1% for the Planet wants to welcome an exciting and unique set of new businesses from Spain.  Gilmation and Cave66, two separate businesses owned by a husband and wife, have both made the commitment to give back to the environment.  We believe that the couple that protects the environment together, stays together!


With a background in software development, Hugh Gilmour started Gilmation 4 years ago in order to develop his own business ideas. Originally from Edinburgh, he has lived in Valencia, Spain for the past 10 The idea for Gilmation was that he would do some consulting / software development to pay the bills while also bringing some of these ideas to fruition.  Soon after starting out, he realized that the demand for the firm’s ecommerce consulting services began to take over. Currently, Gilmation’s principal client is AFG Media Ltd (A UK registered company which is the owner of the Morphsuits, Morph Costume Company, Digital Dudz, RoyalandAwesome and FoulFashion brands).  The firm develops simple and elegant web applications and content, using everything from static web pages to fully featured publishing platforms, for consumption by pretty much anything that has a browser and can access a network or the internet. They also collaborate with development teams, at any stage of the development or maintenance process, to help them get the most out of themselves or they can work a single person or very small independent development teams to deliver specific projects or modules as part of a larger developmental effort.

As part of the work that Hugh is planning for AFG over the next 6 to 12 months he is looking at implementing one or more supply chain and financial systems in order to improve reporting, stock visibility ,and efficiency. As such he is interested in learning about how other member companies are using their Financial and Supply Chain systems. Any contacts or information that you could pass his way in this regard would be most gratefully received.  You can email him here:

Cave66 is the vehicle that the couple is using to pursue the projects that Hugh and his wife Paloma Alvarez Llanas didn’t manage to bring to fruition during the first 3 years of their work on Gilmation. They have been really interested in sustainability and sourcing or producing local, sustainable products for a long time and when Paloma left her job last year in August they finally had someone who could dedicate themselves to the development of their first co-venture. One of the first results of this project is Solamante. Currently Solamante offers a range of beautiful woven palm leave bags which are produced using bags what are made in Morocco and then decorated by hand in Valencia with combinations of lace from Spain and recycled glass beads from Ghana.

Solamante is an important example of Cave66’s work because it does not come at the cost of a compromise of their principles. Hugh and Paloma want to be proud and transparent about how products are made, their sustainable origins, and the traditional processes that are used in their fabrication.  As a company, Cave66 is constantly looking for ways in which it can use sustainable, recyclable, locally sourced materials and manufacturing processes to help minimize its environmental footprint.

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