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Help The Pratley Company Launch The TRUE-VIEW!

The Pratley Company is crowdfunding for their new product—the TRUE-VIEW.  This device allows the user to take 3D pictures with their smartphones.  The device was inspired by an old viewfinder that Peter Brennan (one of the founders of The Pratley Company) acquired in Portland, Oregon; he missed being able to view images in 3D and decided to began the process of designing a tool that would allow everyone to share the same viewing experience.

Photo courtesy of The Pratley Company

“The base of the device contains a widget of strategically placed mirrors that splits the camera lens of the smartphone into two stereoscopic images.  These images are placed at a specific distance apart that is similar to the distance between your two eyes.  The device then allows users to take photos and videos with their smartphone placed inside the TRUE-VIEW.  When the left eye views the left image and the right eye views the right image independently of each other, a stunning 3D effect is seen,” explain the founders on their site.

Photo courtesy of The Pratley Company

Here are a few details summed up: 

1. It allows you to take 3D photos and videos directly from your smartphone.

2. These can then be viewed through the TRUE-VIEW or AirPlayed to a 3D TV. 

3. We’ve drawn design inspiration from the old box cameras of the 1920’s & 30’s. 

4. The TRUE-VIEW & Pratley Co App work on both iOS and Android platforms.  

Through a Kickstarter campaign, The Pratley Company has 27 days left to raise the money needed to make their product a reality.  Lend your support here. every investment makes a difference!


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