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1% for the Planet: Making it easy to buy better products and protect the planet we play on.

Last Thursday, 10/10/2013, 1% for the Planet hosted the final event in our 10th anniversary tour at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA.

The energy: palpable. The mood: optimistic. The next steps: clear.

Love Blue in Berkley 10/10 with Yvon Chouinard, Jack Johnson and friends

Top 10 takeaways:

 [When you] PURCHASE

1. We have to use less.  How do you convince corporations to do less, use less?  The answer lies in three words: Simplicity, Restraint, and Quality. (Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia)

2.  We need to replace complex technology with our knowledge.  The more you know, the less you need. Buy only what we need, instead of what we desire. The better you get at a sport, the less crap you need. (Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia)

3. Have you looked at a Sky Mall magazine lately?  So much crap.  How many of you own a banana cutter ….. it replaces a perfectly adequate tool called a knife. (Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia)

4. I believe in taxes … Iceland taxes consumption.  Its income taxes are low, but the value added tax is high and works to keep consumption down. (Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia)

Klean Kanteen and Simply Straws supplied reuseable (and fun!) thank you gifts


5. 1% has been such a huge part of (Brushfire’s) development.  Back when we were getting started, we started doing things to green our tour, but those things weren’t enough.  Willie Nelson gave us tips, but now the Johnson Ohana Foundation (has gone well beyond).  1% for the Planet membership was key for us.  (Jack Johnson, Brushfire Records)

6. 1% for the Planet and B Corps are forces for change and for good.  We need to use business as a force for good. Klean Kanteen is inspired to do more; we need to do more; we understand the problem and we want to be part of the solution. Take the pledge ( to reduce single-use plastic, paper and other disposable items today! (Jim Osgood, Klean Kanteen)

7. Paul Hawken says it best: “If you look at the science and you aren’t pessimistic, then you don’t have the data.  If you look at the people and you aren’t optimistic, then you don’t have a pulse” (Terry Kellogg, 1% for the Planet)

8. “Looking around the room and inspired by the people here: Friends, Colleagues, Mentors, Heroes all.” (Terry Kellogg, 1% for the Planet) The Japanese concept of “Wah” has brought us together tonight in harmony, peace, and balance. (John Tashiro, 1% for the Planet) 1% for the Planet shows the power of companies and nonprofits to work together to make great change. (Melody Badgett, 1% for the Planet)

5 Gyres and Klean Kanteen talk about the benefits of NGO/business partnerships


9. When learning to surf in “cold, fickle, sharky” Oregon waters, he came off the one good right point break and onto a beach that was filled with all sorts of plastic and it was “ugly and incongruent to the natural order”.  He has kept surfing, but was inspired to clean up the plastic. (Stiv Wilson, 5Gyres)

10. In a mucked up lovely river,
I cast my little fly.
I look at that river and smell it
and it makes me wanna cry.
Oh to clean our dirty planet,
now there’s a noble wish,
and I’m puttin my shoulder to the wheel
’cause I wanna catch some fish.
(Jack Johnson, Brushfire Records, “Spring Wind” by Greg Brown)

Jack Johnson serenades the crowd

So much wisdom in just one night!

What can you do?

And of course, Love Blue.

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