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1% Bikes and Drinks!

The new members keep rolling in here at 1% for the Planet.  This week we’re featuring a couple of businesses that are providing products that promote health, wellness, and a more sustainable future.  Please help us provide a warm welcome to Stur and Bamboo bee!


Stur is a family-run company, passionate about better health.  Its mission is to help millions of people drink more water.  And that starts by making sure the water we’re drinking is safe and clean.

Stur is proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet – helping selected non-profit organizations who are trying to help address and solve the drinking water crisis, at home and abroad.  In the coming years, Stur plans to support the following organizations: Clean Water Fund, Imagine H20, and charity: water.


Based in Singapore, Bamboo bee is a manufacturer of quality bamboo bicycles.  You’ve got to see just how cool these bikes look!  Becoming part of the 1% network is the first step in Bamboo bee’s commitment for the environment. Joining 1% allows companies to focus on their competency and sustainability of the natural environment. This promotes the holistic environment of businesses to serve our community and planet continuously. Bamboo bee is also focusing much of its efforts on designing quality product and services, knowing that the predicament of Planet is addressed at the same time.  Through this commitment Bamboo bee is advocating for a better planet for the next generation.

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