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Windhorse Health joins 1%


Windhorse Health is proud to be a new member of the the 1% for the Planet family. We believe that health and wellness are directly connected to the environment and 1% is the best organization worldwide that allows us to be part of a global solution. Our online store provides natural health insights and natural and organic health, wellness, and green living products. We have 10,000 leading sustainable products available to conscious consumers who share our mission to live sustainable and healthy lifestyles. For further information, see

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  1. says:

    Pl. see our Blog and support our noble cause. Because water is the life. So everyone’s health is based on Water. We, in our Sate in India take action to protect water bodies which is only way for drinking and agriculture purpose. Kindly help us through your products. We are one of the NGO partner of 1% for the planet.

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