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Welcome Norgay!

Konchok Norgay recently arrived here at Yestermorrow all the way from Ladakh, a Himalayan region of north India. Norgay has long worked as a teacher, and most recently as executive director, of SECMOL, an innovative school that has pioneered passive solar building and renewable energy education in Ladakh.

Konchok Norgay arrives at Yestermorrow

Norgay will be a student in the Natural BuildingCertificate Program this summer, and hopes to gain a deeper exposure to best practices in renewable energy, natural building, and sustainability education. This fall he will return to Ladakh and continue teaching practical skills and systems thinking to Ladakhi youth and builders. He is also working to create social enterprises building energy efficient earthen homes and local foods across Ladakh.

If you see Norgay around campus, please come say “Jullay!” (hello in Ladakhi) – and if you’d like to support Norgay’s participation in the Natural Building Certificate Program this summer, please consider donating to his scholarship fund.

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