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The Final Barrier: Keeping California’s Water Clean

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Residents of Southern California, it’s up to you. You are the last man standing, the end of the line, the shining beam of hope, the guard of protection, the lighthouse in the storm…I think you get the picture. You’re it. You’re the final barrier; the final barrier against harmful contaminants that unknowingly circulate in your pipes when government measures fail to catch them (which happens all the time!). That is, they fail to catch them until it’s already too late… So buckle-up, hunker-down, and get ready neighbors.  Let’s keep that stuff out!

The director of the Water Quality Association, David Haataja says, “While we rely on public agencies for initial treatment, the best way to ensure safe drinking water is by empowering ourselves. By putting protection in our homes we can offer the Final Barrier against contaminants.” In 2012, the state of California left over half a billion dollars in federal funding for safe water unspent. The funds were targeted for infrastructure improvement and the treatment of safe drinking water for residents. Overrun with other problems upon which to focus (though what can really be more important than water?) the government simply cannot be trusted to clean our water anymore; it has to become a personal responsibility.

A 2012 study confirmed that nitrates in drinking water were the cause of birth defects including spina bifida and missing limbs for newborns in the San Joaquin Valley, CA. What if this were your child? Or what if you lived in San Juan Capistrano, CA where drinking water didn’t pass 2012 water quality tests – but you didn’t find out about it until a year later when the failing results were finally published in the water quality report distributed in July 2013? Sadly these stories are being told more and more often. Trusting residents just didn’t know. And by the time they’d heard about the contamination it was months and months, perhaps even a year too late. Filtering your water either at “point of use” (POU) or “point of entry” (POE) is the only true guarantee that your water is safe for consumption.

Nothing is more basic than clean, safe water. No matter where you live or how clean you believe your water to be, educate yourself to know for sure. “Final Barrier” filtration systems – either POU (counter-top filtration, reverse osmosis systems, shower filters) or POE (whole house systems) are available for every home and budget.  We offer a wide array of whole house systems HERE, as well as all types of RO machines and counter-top filtrations at our shop. Remember the most trusted guarantee for healthy drinking water is the one you give to yourself.


Author: Shannon Walker


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