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Social(k) adds $125 million to ICCR Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

A global coalition of over 200 institutional investors representing $2 trillion is asking industry leaders to quickly implement systemic reforms that will ensure worker safety, welfare, and adopt a zero tolerance policy on global supply chain abuses. At this point over 200 institutional investors have signed the accord.  These investors represent sizable blocks of shares in many companies involved with  oversees manufacturing of not only clothing but many other goods imported and sold to us, the consumer.  We are concerned that a profit at any cost model is not only morally wrong but not financially prudent.

We join apparel industry leaders to use the tragedies in Bangladesh as a tipping point and hear our concerns about workers safety and welfare.

INDIGENOUS Fair Trade + Organic, a Social(k) client, and friend from way back, is offering to make their proprietary Fair Trade Tool available to ANY brand that publicly accepts the CHALLENGE that they will produce clothing in a way that is safe, ethical and honors people and planet.

ICCR: Transforming the Corporate World for the Common Good. Harnessing their power as shareholders in the world’s largest and most influential corporations, ICCR members work in coalition to promote corporate practices that ensure long term business growth while measurably improving environmental and social impacts.

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