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READ Global wins The Lipman Family Prize for creating positive social impact.

Social(k) supporters working globally

Love to see our clients in the news

The Social Venture Network is an organization I became involved with in 1998. Gary Hirshberg was leading Social Venture Institues at Hampshire College. Seth Goldman was just beginning work on Honest Tea and presented the business case to the group. Seth and I stayed in touch, when Honest Tea needed a 401(k) we got the call. Another story.

My point is that through my involvement with and support of the Social Venture Network Social(k) has a rock star client list. READ Global is one.

But don’t take my word alone, read about it at Warton School of Business where they discuss the overall qualification. “Winners of the Lipman Family Prize are models for the good that they achieve as well as for their approach and implementation. The winner of the Prize tackles universal problems in a local setting — and, as such, offers an approach, model, or innovation that can be adapted to create a positive impact elsewhere.”

SVN friend Tina Sciabica is quoted in the Himalayan Times May 22 while visiting the local version of a Jhuwani Community Library at Bachhauli in Chitwan district.

Congratulations to READ Global. Executive Director Tina Sciabica and Founder Toni Neubauer.

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