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Planting Trees Around the World

TreeMusketeers, a California ReLeaf Network member and kid-led tree planting nonprofit in Los Angeles, has been encouraging kids around the world to plant trees. Their 3×3 Campaign began to get three million trees planted by three million kids to fight global warming.

3 x 3 Campaign arises from the simple idea that planting a tree is the easiest and most meaningful way a child can make difference for the Earth. However, acting alone can feel like trying to put out a forest fire with a squirt gun, so 3 x 3 creates a pivot point for millions of kids to join together as a movement in a common cause.

Children in Zimbabwe hold the tree they will plant.

Over the past year, kids all over the world have planted and registered trees. The countries in which people have planted the most trees are Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Gabriel Mutongi, one of the adult leaders at ZimConserve in Zimbabwe, says, “We chose to participate in 3×3 Campaign because it instills a sense of responsibility in our younger generation. Also, we [adults] benefit as it provides a platform for networking.”
The campaign is close to reaching the 1,000,000th tree planted! Encourage the kids in your life to take a step toward helping the planet and plant a tree. Then, log on to TreeMusketeer’s website with them to register it.

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