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Places to visit in the Highlands. Scotland.

During the month of August the Solamante team travelled to Scotland.

There, we spent some time promoting our current line up of products, as well as planning and thinking about new products and developments for next season.

There was also time for a bit of rest and recuperation, having good times with the family and enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility of the places we visited.

imagen_Higlands views from solamante
Trying to record the views of this landscape in our memories. Somewhere between Tongue and Golspie.
A week without computers and internet, leaving the phone unanswered.

The weather was on our side and we got our fair share of sun. Long walks, panoramic views, playing games with sticks, stones and shells and coming back home with sand in my pockets.

In this first post, I leave you with some pictures of what we experienced in the northwest of Scotland, in the region of Sutherland, Golspie, it´s beach and surrounding area of Tongue.

Without plagiarising my dear Rosamunde Pilcher, I could not transmit the beauty of this place just with my words.

Luckily for you digital photography came to my rescue!

imagen walk in the beach
On the way back to Golspie, after visiting Dunrobin Castle.

solamante_holidays in the beach_higlands

solamante_looking for shells

If I can share with you just a little bit of the beauty of this place I will be happy and if you add this as a destination to your list of places to visit, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

imagen nice day in the beach, highlands
Highlands beach, Scotlanda, by solamante

imagen book the shell seekers
imagen solamante wicker tote bag
Easy boho,  by Solamante

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