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Must see new Members

New members continue to roll in as fall approaches!  It’s so good to see so many great companies looking for ways to give back to our big blue planet.

Based out of Staunton, Virginia, Sportstickers believes that people need a way to showcase their outdoor passions and active families to get outside.  They also need a way to do it that makes them look good; something they are proud to put on their rigs and their gear.

SportStickers produces stickers for the Active Lifestyle.  One can find their products on car windows, water bottles, helmets, and other appropriate (and sometimes inappropriate) places.  From the single adventurer’s decked-out multisport rig to the family hauler with the whole gang in tow, they have you covered.  All of their products are manufactured in the USA at a high tech Green Sustainable Printing Certified® facility using cutting edge materials.  Product displays are hand made from naturally fallen trees. Display toppers are made from 100% recycled water bottles.  All of their printed material is done so on recycled paper.

The founders, Peter and Scott, are both avid outdoor enthusiasts with passions ranging from climbing to cycling, snowboarding to fly-fishing.  The outdoors is part of who they are and who their young families are becoming.  As such, it’s vitally important to them that SportStickers impacts less and benefits more.

1% For the Planet is a fantastic complement to their values.  It allows them to intentionally budget for giving back, and it helps them to know that our gifts are going to the right places.  They’re really looking forward to partnering with scrappy nonprofits that are making a big local splash.

Coming to the network form Long Island City, NY, Lost Artist Studios is the brand behind Bryan Mcnulty, a photographer dividing his time between New York City and Paris. His work interprets forms of movement – whether it be through the personal artistry of an acrobat or dancer, or through the ebbs and flows of day to day life. With a vision that is unassuming and original, Lost Artist Studios blends commercial and fine art markets to capture the possibility life’s moments inspire.  Joining 1% for the Planet will help Bryan show his commitment to creating a more sustainable planet.

It’s great to have these members in the 1% family and we hope that you’ll check them out!

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