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Moment Magnitude

Last week an ambitious exhibition, Moment Magnitude, opened at the Frye Art Museum here in Seattle. The show celebrates some of Seattle’s diverse creative practices from visual art to performance to music to design.We are thrilled to not only have our work in the Frye’s new museum store, reconceived by Charlie Schuck to feature 40 Seattle artists and designers, but to have also been invited to help lead a 10 week workshop. The printmaking workshop features found objects and natural dyes and was designed for a very inspiring group of kids at Bailey Gatzert Elementary all in conjunction with the exhibit. Many more photos and info on the workshop to follow in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you are in Seattle, don’t miss Moment Magnitude which is up until January 20th. Huge thanks to our friends Laura O’Quin and Jill Rullkoetter for including us!

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