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Making Facebook Cover Pages (Timeline)

Update on 27th March 2013:
Facebook has now updated it’s Ts and Cs so that the rules are much more relaxed. The new rules only state that the image should be contain no more than 20% text, should not infringe copyright or be deceptive, and should not encourage people to set the image as their own cover page image. Current guidelines can be found in section III B of Facebook’s guidelines.

On 30th March 2012, Facebook will be moving every Facebook page to the new ‘timeline’ layout. For company page owners, this gives the opportunity to add some headline graphics to your page, including logos, relevant pictures, quotations etc to really show off your business and make it appealing to customers.

Facebook have implemented some rules, however, about what you can and can’t include in your header picture, and to help you we’ve provided an outline of these below:

  • It should be 851px wide by 325px high
  • It can include logos and pictures
  • It can’t include contact information or urls
  • It can’t include special offers
  • It can’t include calls to action e.g. ‘Like us’ or ‘visit our website’

These are only a few of the rules, but perhaps the ones that might be most frequently transgressed by users who are unaware. You can see the full list here.

We’ve put together a few of these cover pages now and they can be seen on Bread & Butter Marketing’s Facebook page, and also the Jo Walters Trust page.  We are actively engaged with several previous clients in making sure their Facebook cover pages are ready for the switch over to ‘timeline’ on 30th March.

As a special offer, from now until the end of April we are offering a discounted rate of €100 +VAT to prepare cover images for anyone with an existing Facebook page for their business. Some Ts&Cs apply. Please see our website for more information.

On April 30th the rate will go up to €125 + VAT, so contact us now to avail of this special saving.

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