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Lunch at Facebook!

Well, it was a lovely feeling to get a free lunch today in Facebook Dublin. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I miss the Google lunches a lot! The office is brilliant, they have amazing views over the Docks, I’d say actually better than you’d get from the Dublin Eye.

As you’d expect everyone looks super happy and motivated to be working there, and it was lovely catching up with so many people. I’m starting Bread and Butter Marketing’s own Facebook campaign soon and got lots of tips over lunch (thanks Finbarr!) so I guess they’ll be earning back their lunch shortly, and more!

Oh and for those of you interested in what they have for lunch I had: Caesar salad, very superior bangers and mash (with a slice of salmon on the side as it looked a bit good to leave behind), and randomly a little pasta. Sadly the ice cream fridge had run out so I consoled myself with some chocolate.

Thanks Facebook Dublin (Catherine in particular)!

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