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Kammok is heading to Patagonia- They want you to join the Story!


With a world-renowned filmmaking and photography team, Kammok is setting out on a Patagonia adventure and inviting you to be part of the story.

We’re asking brands that we believe in–that have the same goals to invest in our planet and the people that occupy it–to join in our story!

Our mission is to “equip and inspire for life changing adventure” and we believe that there’s no better way than through compelling storytelling.  On our adventure in one of the most beautiful environments in the world we will be able to share our passion for our planet and it’s inhabitants as we leverage our partners (1% For the Planet, Malaria No More and CTC International) by capturing our journey through a lens.

We would love for you to be a part of our story and to share your products, ideas, passion through our story and network.

We’re raising funds to cover the base cost of our travel expenses. We are also seeking gear/provision sponsorships so we can include these in videography and photography of the trip. Would you consider sponsoring Kammok? Here are a few of the packages we think would be huge “wins” for all involved! (more details in the sponsor deck)

  • Logo and Product captures during Kammok film, video and photo segments.
  • Kammok will create a short 1-2 minute lifestyle piece on your brand and products used on the Kammok adventure, filmed in Patagonia.
  • Kammok will give the opportunity to license images or other media clips including your products/brand while on Patagonia adventure.

The Kammok team will be sharing the Patagonia adventure across multiple social media platforms before, during and after the trip in various forms of media. Due to the rapidly growing Kammok following and each of the crews individual followings in social media, there is a large network of future buyers that will be witnessing the adventure. Kammok’s estimated reach through partners and it’s own network is over 500,000 people.

  • Facebook: 282,000*
  • Instagram: 37,000*
  • Twitter: 244,139*
  • *Combined followers from Kammok, Kammok team and Kammok Partners.

We hope you will consider being a part of this adventure!  Click on the Sponsorship deck to read about our team, the trip and how you can be a part!

Greg McEvilly

Kammok Founder/CEO

1% For The Planet Ambassador

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