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Integrated offline and online marketing

Very brief post this as it’s late after a long day, but just wanted to highlight how great it is to see people starting to combine their online social media presence with their offline marketing material (such as fliers and signs). We were at Bloom in the Park today in Dublin, and I was very impressed with several of the exhibitors using their social media presences to draw in visitors, and then ensure they were able to market to them again in the future by enticing them to, for example, ‘like’ their Facebook page.

Rudd’s butcher were offering a free breakfast to people who checked in to their page on Facebook, and many others, like GIY Ireland were using their Facebook page details on their banners.

For people not selling directly online I think this type of integrated approach is hugely important, as it means there is much more chance of converting the time and money spent into being an exhibitor at events like Bloom into paying customers in the future.

If you have any questions, as always, please do contact us!

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