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I’M COMING HOME San Diego!!!

I have not missed you over the last 4 months because I’ve been living in the present. I haven’t yearned for you because I’ve been swimming in beautiful rivers and lakes all over America. I haven’t thought too much about you because I’ve been out riding my bike all over the country. I haven’t needed you because I am at home anywhere and everywhere I go. I’ve been too busy waking America up to think about you.

But I love you and I am so very excited to be back in your presence.
I am going to play in your ocean like never before.
I am going to soak in your sun like never before.
I’m going to breathe in your air like never before.
I’m going to smell more of your flowers and climb more of your trees than ever before.
My time on the road has rejuvenated me and instilled in me a desire to 

I’m going to love you and I’m going to play with you but I’VE GOT SOME SERIOUS WORK TO DO.
Your inhabitants ignore your desert landscape and are sucking water from lands far away.
Your inhabitants are digging holes in you and filling you with trash.
Your inhabitants are spewing pollution into your air.
Your inhabitants are dumping chemicals all over you that flow to the ocean.
Your inhabitants are covering you with trash.

I’ve got some serious work to do to change the way your inhabitants think.
I’m going to do it with a smile on my face but it’s not going to be easy. 
There will be many long days of work but I’m going to enjoy it.
We’re all going to be happier and healthier because of it.

So what’s to come?
A pure lead by example experience.

Adventures to create awareness and inspire people to take action. 

Education for my community on resource consumption and how to live more earth friendly.

Programs to help reduce consumption of resources.

The creation of a sustainable home and living institute. A place where anyone can come to embrace a healthier way of living. A place where you will learn to treat the earth with respect. A place to be guilt free and know you are serving yourself, your community, and your earth well. A place where we don’t outsource our problems and we’re conscious of our actions. A place free of drugs and alcohol. A place where all the food we prepare is grown and processed in the state of California. A place to grow. A place to expand your knowledge so you can share it with everyone you know. A place of purity. A place of goodness. 
The hub of the earth revival revolution.

It’s starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with us. We’ve got some serious work to do to catch up to cities and countries who are a part of the solution. We’ve got some world changing to do San Diego. Let’s kick this revolution into gear San Diego!

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Author: Rob Greenfield

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