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Greening Forward: A Movement by the Youth

With over half of the world’s population under the age of 25, the need for youth leadership is more pressing than ever before.  Greening Forward – led entirely by high school and college students – catalyzes the energy of over 1,500 young people, ages 5-25, in over a dozen communities, who recycled 120 tons of waste, planted 200 trees, and saved 155,000 gallons of water last year alone.  They offer youth over 110 skill building, academic, and civic-engagement curriculum resources, and they host webinars that share best practices for young people. “Never before have both the environmental challenge and opportunity been greater for Greening Forward to support this movement,” says Youth Council President Gianna Chrestman. 

Photo courtesy of Greening Forward

Through Greening Forward, young people learn how to plan, promote, and fundraise for their environmental causes, all while learning invaluable life and work-readiness skills. Additionally, their awards and grants have provided over $40,000 in assistance to direct-action and youth-driven projects across the United States that conserve wetlands, protect water quality and riparian habitats, reduce air pollution, develop sustainable solutions to plastics pollution, and more.  Board Chairman, Jeremy Cherson offers, “Establish, engage, and empower is more than a motto for us – we understand these words as not only an oath but also a commitment. Greening Forward gives young environmental leaders the platform to pursue a better future together.”

If you’re interested in getting involved or supporting youth powered environmental movements connect with Greening Forward on Twitter or on Facebook.  

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