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Google docs presentations

I’ve just come back from doing a social media presentation in Enniskillen and wanted to share my pleasant surprise with Google’s online presentation tool. While the spreadsheet and word versions of Google docs have been widely adopted, the presentation version has never really stood up to Microsoft PowerPoint (even at Google!). I had started out building my presentation in an ancient version of PowerPoint which became so frustrating I decided to switch. The best feature I found with Google’s version was how easy it was to include video clips from YouTube (insert > video > paste the YouTube clip and you’re done – don’t be put off by the list of suggested videos, just paste the URL straight into the search box). It also plays the video automatically from the presentation rather than opening it in a separate browser which is great. This was all nice to have but the best bit came when I got to the venue and found I’d left my Mac adaptor behind. This didn’t matter though as I was able to borrow a laptop and within minutes had logged in to my docs account onlin and I was away. Hoorah! The other nice feature of it was that afterwards, to share the presentation I just embedded it in a site and everyone could access it, no messing around with pdfs and email attachments.
Overall a big thumbs up from me!

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