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Good Buzz vs Bad Buzz from another early adapter to Social(k) – Guayaki

Guayaki saw value in Social(k) early on.  We have watched the team grow and prosper with a sustainable model that not only offers indigenous people a way to support themselves, but in doing so they are saving a rainforest.

Sustainable Harvest Saves a Rainforest

Yerba Mate as cash crop stops clear cutting

Guayaki makes a difference

Over ninety-five percent of South America’s Atlantic Rainforest — the native home of yerba maté — has been cut down for hardwoods, to grow GMO crops, and to raise cattle.
But Guayaki‘s restorative business model is helping to protect the remaining five percent of Atlantic Rainforest by sustainably harvesting organic maté in the shade of its native environment — proving that the rainforest is worth more to everyone standing than it is cut down.

Guayaki partners with small farmers and indigenous people who are committed to caring for the forest. And harvesters are paid a fair wage. This stable annual income offers local communities a real alternative to the destructive industrial model. When money grows on trees, no one cuts them down.

And Guayaki’s way doesn’t just halt rainforest destruction; it’s regenerative, and it’s on track to restore over two hundred thousand acres in the next ten years.

This message of sustainability brought to you by Guayaki and Social(k).

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