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Four Years of Fun & Growing Partnerships

Team building. Traditionally known for trust falls, yawn-inspired “seminars,” and perhaps peace circles of communication and brainstorming. Poke an eye out, no one in your company thinks this is productive but rather a complete waste of time. ­­

That’s why in 2009, Las Vegas locals Geoff Rhodes and JP Delay started R&D Events – a company based on making team building fun again and setting it against the backdrop of the most fun city in the world – Las Vegas.  “If you can make it fun, make it interactive and creative, and not make it feel forced, then people really want to do it,” says co-founder Geoff Rhodes.

The first pillar event created was Mission: Las Vegas. An event that showcases our glorious strip in an epic three hour scavenger hunt complete with beer tasting challenges, mechanical bull-riding, and photo-bombing tourists. Over 6,500 people have completed Mission: Las Vegas challenges since 2009. And this year, Mission: Fremont Street made it’s debut showcasing Heart Attack Grill eating challenges, see-saw riding behind Park on Fremont, and fake tattoos at Las Vegas Tattoo & Souvenir.

In just four short years, this local Las Vegas company has grown and expanded to offer Missions in landmark cities like Chicago, Miami, San Diego, and Washington DC.

Among the other dozens of unique events developed to get teams having fun again, R&D Events is most proud of their Corporate Social Responsibility events that actually benefit the local community and non-profit organizations. To date, they have donated a significant amount to the Friends of Nevada Wilderness through their membership with 1% for the Planet.

They have decided to expand their environmental commitment by donating to a second organization – Adventure Risk Challenge (ARC).

R&D Events is a very active bunch, so it is a natural fit for them to support Adventure Risk Challenge – an intensive outdoor education program for underserved high school students, bolstering their skills in literacy, leadership, and life. They couldn’t think of a better group to support that combines their passion for the outdoors with building leaders of the future.

Through a rigorous 40-day summer course, challenging monthly weekend wilderness retreats in the Sierra Nevada, weekly in-school academic support, and community-wide civic engagement, ARC builds achievement, connection, and potential for underserved youth. ARC links wilderness to academics, adventure to leadership, identity to literacy, and confidence to activism.

R&D Events Contact: Jenny Sassi, Director of Marketing | 702-882-8907 |

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